BallQuant is a series of machine learning models that predict the outcomes of live NBA matches.
BallQuant's algorithms have been watching years of NBA matches. Using machine learning, it keys in on subtle hints that dictate game outcomes. BallQuant's DNA consists of 2 ingredients: sports stats + data science.
BallQuant is a live-game system, and does not provide any pre-game insights. In-game, however, injuries present the biggest threat to the system. Live tracking of this to come in a future release.
Our goal is to make the interface as simple as possible. When a game meets our models’ criteria, the row will light up green. When a row is lit green, it indicates BallQuant is fairly certain that team will win the match. Users are encouraged to apply their own logic and basketball knowledge in deciding which of the greenlit games to act on.
No. Should the user opt to gamble with BallQuant’s signals, a fair bit of strategy on top of BQ will be required to make any significant returns. Our unofficial recommendation is to take high probability, low-payout bets and ride the compound interest explosion. Even with 10% returns on very high BallQuant probability games, you can double your investment in approximately 7 nights. We are not responsible for your actions, should you go down this road.
No. This is not a gambling site. We don't condone gambling of any sort. Users assume all responsibility for anything done with products and services purchased from this site.
You bet your ass we do.
Sports enthusiasts turned data scientists. Backgrounds include the gambling industry, and Wall Street.
No. Not yet. . .
No. Everything is use at your own risk!